Vape pod descatravel com nicotina

Disposable nicotine vapes for resale

  • 2% nicotine

  • 800 puffs

  • Unique flavors

  • Portuguese stamp

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máquina de venda automática de cigarros electrónicos

vape vending machine

Install a vending machine for disposable electronic cigarettes in your establishment

To know more

Looking for where to buy disposable pods? Buy them from our online shop. Compared to reusable liquid vaporizers, there is no need to worry about refills, liquids and other little things. We offer 10 different scents - try everyone's favourite lush or enjoy a refreshing pina colada. Choose from 800 or 2000 puffs and buy when you want.

purchase conditions


You can pay directly on the website - by card, bank transfer or MBWay.

national delivery

1-2 business days on the mainland
2-3 working days in the islands

Price -3.90

Orders can be sent by mail or courier.
To save you the cost of shipping your vapes, you can collect them yourself from our warehouse.

international delivery

5 days to Europe

7 days to the rest of the world

The international shipping cost must be checked with the manager.

refund policy

Any product purchased on the website can be exchanged or refunded within a maximum period of 14 days after the date set out in the Receipt Notice, for which the Customer must contact via telephone or email

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