About us or why e-cigarettes

Salt Switch Unipessoal LDA (Vapepod.store brand) is a Portuguese company specializing in the sale of electronic cigarettes and accessories. We are a disposable pod distributor for leading manufacturers Glamee , Air Glow .

What do we offer?

We have a wide range of quality disposable pods. On our website, you will certainly find
  • Your favorite flavor: ripe mango , juicy strawberry, refreshing watermelon, lush ice or sweet pina colada;
  • number of puffs: 800 , 2000, 8000 puffs;
  • price from 7.50 to 19.50 euros.
Disposable pods are disposable and, as soon as you run out of liquid (vapor), you can throw them away. Plastic is recyclable and does not harm the environment.
  • Offering our customers only the best quality products: We test all flavors and brands ourselves. We care about your health, which is why we do not sell electronic cigarettes with nicotine on the website and we do not recommend smoking tobacco to pregnant women or children under 18 years of age.
  • Service. If you do your job poorly, your customers won't love you. We want our customers to love and recommend us. We are ready to work 24 hours a day to make you, our customer, satisfied.
  • Fast delivery. We ship throughout the country and islands. As soon as the order is paid, our courier rushes to the post office. We understand that our customers want their orders to be delivered quickly. Unfortunately, the second part of the journey depends on the postal company. But we do our best to ensure the order arrives quickly and we are in contact with the customer until they receive their order and try our pods.
Sobre Vapepodstore

Personal experience

My name is Max. Opening a disposable pod store was helped by my personal history and struggle with years of smoking. I've always smoked a lot and, of course, over the years, smoking started to affect my health. It was particularly felt when I started exercising. I was determined to quit smoking, but as an experienced smoker, the desire alone wasn't enough. I tried chewing gum, patches and all the other things that are so advertised in smoking cessation.
I tried different methods to quit smoking and found that a disposable vaporizer was the only effective option. I'm sure there are many people who want to quit smoking but don't know how to do it. Because a long-standing habit is sometimes stronger than desire.
I was inspired by the idea of ​​vapes and started an online disposable pod store in Portugal. I hope that many long-term smokers can follow my experience and give up smoking.
Two years ago, a friend of mine brought a disposable pod. I tried it and liked it. The pleasant sweet scents, no tobacco smell on my clothes, and most importantly, less nicotine addiction. After a year, I switched to nicotine-free disposable pods and gave up tobacco completely. And it's been over a year since I smoked cigarettes.

Vapepod.store strives to help users build a positive and joyful lifestyle by offering our unique, innovative and high-quality vape devices.

And obviously, vaping has developed as a new form of socialization worldwide. We believe that vaping could not only let people get rid of smelly smells and annoying soot from smoking cigarettes, but above all it has a magical power to make people maintain a more positive and happy attitude towards life.

Stay positive and vape!