Open your own vape shop

in 10 days and 2,500 euros

máquina de venda automática de cigarros electrónicos

Become an official distributor in your city

Máquina de venda automática de vape

We offer:

  • Quickly open a vape outlet in your city with minimal costs

  • A ready-to-use point of sale, complete with merchandise, POS-terminal
    and automatic sales

Main advantages:

  • No employees: No need to hire, train and supervise employees

  • Autonomy: Dedicate one hour a day to managing your company. Combine it with your main job

  • It is not necessary to obtain any license. The vapes already have a Portuguese stamp and are authorized to be sold in Portugal.

  • Cheap rental: You only need 1 m². You can place it anywhere, it's easy to find a spot

  • Convenience and automation: Payment by bank card. Control of all purchases and availability of products through a mobile application.

  • Capacity: Charge 100 vapes at once and visit the point only for refills.

How much do you earn?

Monthly profit from 300 euros per machine, with

1 hour a day

  • 2500 euros investment

  • 8-12 months average payback

  • 25% profitability

The disposable electronic cigarette market is growing by 15% each year

Next steps:

1. Write to us

Send us a request for information by filling out the feedback form. Briefly describe where you would like to open a point of sale.

2. We will send you a questionnaire and business plan. Fill it in.

You will receive a questionnaire in response to your letter. Fill it in with as much detail as possible. After analyzing the questionnaire, you will receive a business plan, which you will also need to fill out.

3. Prepare and submit your questions

You probably still have questions. After studying the business model, it's time to get answers from us.

4. Sign a contract and make the initial payment

Read the contract carefully when you receive it. Ask questions if there is something you don't understand.

5. Start launching your activity

We deliver the machine at the scheduled location and time.
We prepare it for use, assemble it and fill it with goods. This is where your new business begins.

Write to us:

Switch to vaping…

As more and more smokers want to give up smoking and become vapers, they are faced with a problem: while cigarettes are sold everywhere, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are only sold in vape shops...

To help make vaping the preferred choice, we had to rethink access to e-cigarettes. People shouldn't have to work hard to get an alternative to tobacco.

So we created a modern, easy-to-use vending machine
exclusively for electronic cigarettes. "" vending machines make it easy to find a trustworthy e-cigarette seller at any time of the day. The contemporary design distinguishes them from the often dubious-looking vape shops.
With a bright touchscreen, it's easy to select your preferred vape flavor. Our goal is to make vape purchasing simple, safe and convenient for everyone who wants to quit smoking.

Just as vaping revolutionized the tobacco industry with a modern alternative, is now revolutionizing the way they are sold.
Join our vision of a world with less smoke and more vapor with modern electronic cigarette vending machines.