Vape vending machine

máquina de venda automática de cigarros electrónicos

Take advantage of a new revenue stream at zero cost !

    • Complete end-to-end service.
    • Avg 10,000 euro per machine for risk-free revenue.
    • Zero costs involved
    • Fully managed and supported.
    • Integrated age verification software.
    • It is not necessary to register the machine on the INCM tobacco portal
    • Digital touchscreen with an intuitive user interface
    • A modern machine with a fantastic design and a large screen
    • Compact size - can be wall mounted
vape vending machine

All features

  • Cashless payment system
  • 4G/5G cellular network coverage included
  • Premium quality disposable vapes with 800 - 8000 puffs
  • Telematic refueling and complete maintenance
  • Digital advertising display on a 32'' HD touchscreen
  • Maximum power = 65 Watts
Máquina de venda automática de vape

Earn money for free

The entire solution has zero cost.

  • 100 sales per week = €7,020 per year
  • 250 sales per week = €17,550 per year
  • 350 sales per week = €24,570 per year

The disposable vape market in Europe is growing at 12% per year. If you have space to set up a machine, sign up now so you don't miss the opportunity.

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I do not allow vape use indoors or in my area

Most of our customers do not allow vaping indoors. The machines work well for them, mainly because customers buy the vapes to use abroad.

Customers also do not have to leave the premises early to find a vape store that sells them or go home.

This promotes vaping on my site

No, not at all. It just improves your store/bar and makes it more appealing to customers due to convenience. Statistics show that currently 1 in 7 people vape. Customers buy indoors to use outdoors.

How can I control minors' purchases

We have an age verification system and software that can be activated on the machines - accessed via a QR code/smartphone system.

What Vapes do you have in stock?

Glamee, Higs & Air Glow - all high demand premium SKUs. We change according to market data.

This is cool on my site

100%, the machine and products comply with all associated legislation.

I need to fill the machine or have some stock for it

As part of the proposal, we included a zero-cost service level agreement, the telemetry software inside the machine automatically sends stock fill reports every minute, which triggers automatic filling for each location a key holder can easily and safely refill.

Switch to vaping…

As more and more smokers want to give up smoking and become vapers, they are faced with a problem: while cigarettes are sold everywhere, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are only sold in vape shops...

To help make vaping the preferred choice, we had to rethink access to e-cigarettes. People shouldn't have to work hard to get an alternative to tobacco.

So we created a modern, easy-to-use vending machine
exclusively for electronic cigarettes. "" vending machines make it easy to find a trustworthy e-cigarette seller at any time of the day. The contemporary design distinguishes them from the often dubious-looking vape shops.
With a bright touchscreen, it's easy to select your preferred vape flavor.
Our goal is to make vape purchasing simple, safe and convenient for everyone who wants to quit smoking.

Just as vaping revolutionized the tobacco industry with a modern alternative, is now revolutionizing the way they are sold.
Join our vision of a world with less smoke and more vapor with modern electronic cigarette vending machines.