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Disposable vape - the new trend?

Every day we see people on city streets expelling large amounts of steam, using special devices to do so.
Vaping is the process of vaping electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and other similar devices.

It is a new trend among young people who are buying various vaping devices. These devices are improving every day with new designs and new flavors (cherry, mint, apple, lemon, coffee, etc.) and are becoming easier to use.

Vapers are a new type of smokers who prefer electronic cigarettes, finding them a safe alternative to regular cigarettes.

As vaping becomes more popular, new vape shops open, festivals, expos and contests are held.

There are over 85 million vapers in the world and the trend is only growing. So, in the next 10 years we can expect huge clouds of vapor all over the planet ))
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