A situação difícil do vape em Portugal

The difficult situation of vaping in Portugal

If it is often a question of the place occupied by vaping in some large European countries like France, Germany or the United Kingdom, sometimes we know less about the position of others like Portugal. While traveling around Lisbon, the Vapoteurs.net editorial team decided to observe and investigate to learn more about the reality on the ground.

The vaping situation in Portugal is very unstable and still remains fragile. In 2017 there were around 150 shops, today there are less than 100. By way of comparison, France has around 3000 vape shops on its territory and the UK around 2000.

Why is there such a difficult situation with the vape industry in Portugal? Why is vaping not as popular in Portugal as in other European countries?

You can read the study here http://vapoteurs.net/en/investigates-the-complicated-position-of-vaping-in-portugal/

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