Os 10 factos mais interessantes sobre o vaping

Top 10 interesting facts about vaping

  1. Leading countries in terms of vape smokers: In the lead is China, where the percentage of smokers reaches 20%. Second place is France with 14%. In third place are the United States and the United Kingdom with 13% each. Brazil is the country with the lowest number of electronic cigarette smokers, with only 4%.
  1. The number of "electronic smokers" worldwide is growing very fast: 7 million people in 2011, 41 million in 2018, 85 million vapers in 2021.
  1. $10 billion spent on disposable pods by US, UK and French smokers in 2021.
  1. No secondhand smoke: French scientists calculated the vapor dispersion time of vaping and conventional cigarettes. Smoke from a cigarette dissipates in 20 minutes. Vapor from vape pods disappears in just 11 seconds, is not absorbed by passive vaping (when another person is smoking nearby) and therefore poses no health risk.
  1. In the US, disposable pods with sweet flavors are popular: cherry pie, apple quiche, gingerbread cookies, vanilla ice cream with strawberries. In EU countries fruit flavored disposable pods are most often sold: juicy mango, sweet strawberry, refreshing watermelon. In Asian countries, tobacco flavors and electronic cigarettes imitating alcoholic cocktails, for example Pina Colada, are more popular.
  1. The art of blowing a lot of steam can make money. The art of exhaling a lot of steam and making rings out of it is called "cludching". There are regular contests in vaping circles where the winner can win up to 2,000 euros.
  1. Electronic cigarettes date back to ancient Egypt. This is evidenced by the discoveries of archaeologists who speak of the use of oils and herbs that were heated over heated stones, thus forming steam. People inhaled it while they were indoors.
  2. The use of disposable vape is not smoking. To an outsider, there doesn't seem to be any difference in the molding and smoking processes. However, what an electronic cigarette reproduces is the vapour. The liquid inside the vape is heated by a heating element forming a dense and aromatic "smoke" that has nothing to do with the burning of a tobacco leaf cigarette.
  1. Disposable vaporizer addicts are more likely to be over 30 years of age. This can be explained by the fact that during this period people begin to worry about their health, because it is difficult to give up the habit and it is necessary to find more benign options.
  1. People with more than 10 years of smoking experience will switch to electronic vapes. It is quite possible that the taste of regular cigars is irritating everyone and that the body is demanding new sensations.
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