Legalização vapes descartaveis com nicotina em Portugal

Obtaining an official authorization for the sale of disposable vapes in Portugal.

Have you ever seen disposable nicotine vaporizers for sale in shops, bars or cafes in Portugal? It is a rare fact. Most of the time, disposable vape pods are sold without nicotine. This is due to the fact that the legalization of disposable pods with nicotine in Portugal is a very complicated, long and expensive process.

Our company Salt Switch Unipessoal, ( brand) has done a tremendous job and we can now confidently declare that we have official authorization to sell vapes with 2% nicotine in Portugal.

Do you own a club, restaurant or shop? You can increase your product range and offer our disposable vape products to your customers. You can openly display and promote your product.

Here are some of the benefits you will get:

  • Compliance with legislation: an official license to sell disposable vape pods in Portugal is a guarantee that your activity complies with the legislation of the country. This avoids legal problems such as fines or even closing the business, providing legal certainty.
  • Market Differentiation: In the competitive steam market, having an official approval can differentiate your company from competitors who do not have this certification. This can be a decisive factor for consumers looking for quality and reliable products. Nicotine vaporizers with an authorization can be a unique selling point and distinguish your company in the market.
  • Access to a larger market: By getting your product approved, you gain access to a larger market of consumers in Portugal. Many people prefer to buy products from regulated companies, especially when it comes to devices for personal use like vaporizers. By obtaining a licensed product, you can reach more potential customers and expand your sales opportunities.
  • Reliability and credibility: having a disposable pod with an official license gives credibility to your business. Consumers feel more confident buying from a company that complies with industry regulations. This can lead to greater public trust, which is very important for your company's growth and reputation.
  • Guaranteed quality and safety: obtaining vaporizers with an official license implies meeting specific quality and safety requirements for disposable vaporizers. This ensures that products meet established standards, providing consumers with a reliable and safe experience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The electronic vape market is growing every year. Disposable vaporizers are becoming more and more popular and offer a better alternative to tobacco.

The future of electronic cigarettes is here. Join us to cooperate!

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