Abra a sua própria de vape shop em 10 dias e 2.500 euros

Open your own vape shop in 10 days and 2,500 euros

What we offer:

Install an electronic cigarette vending machine in your city. Quickly open a vape sales outlet with minimal costs. A ready-to-use point of sale, complete with merchandise, POS terminal and vending machines.

Main advantages:

  • No employees: No need to hire, train and supervise employees
  • Autonomy: Dedicate one hour a day to managing your company. Combine it with your main job.
  • Simplicity: No special skills and knowledge are required to open this business.
  • Cheap rental: You only need 1 m². You can place it anywhere, it's easy to find a spot


Franchising is a tool that allows you to quickly create a company. Every year, this type of business partnership becomes more and more accessible and diverse.

Buying a franchise also gives you the opportunity to join a business community of franchisees who already have experience. In an association of this type, commercial experience can be acquired more efficiently and quickly than if it were an individual entrepreneur. In the community you can not only find quick answers to your questions, but also exchange experiences and acquire useful contacts.

For some franchisees, franchising is valuable for providing external services. The management company has a team of excellent specialists: marketers, designers and other specialists whose services can be purchased. It is cheaper than hiring the same professionals in the market.

Entrepreneurs often understand the purchase of a franchise as a guarantee that the business will not close in the coming months. Statistics show that the survival rate of companies opened through franchising is much higher than that of "individual" ones.

The franchisee receives the franchisor's experience, which allows him to avoid costly, sometimes critical, mistakes at the start of the business.

Beginners often have difficulty creating a financial plan. Opening a business under a franchise is also a ready-made business model, which contains information about investments, income and expense calculations. By adhering to this model, the franchisee will be able to avoid many mistakes that impede the effective development of the company and the achievement of expected financial results.


If you want to open your vape shop quickly and with minimal investment, write to us .


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